Dream: Love Story


There is a story within the story

One story is a fairy tale.
Sort of like Beauty and the Beast.

The “Belle” character is really stressed and overworked.
Even though she is doing all good things.
The “Beast” character manages to get her to lie down and rest.
He gently gets her to open up about her feelings.
And help her find peace.
Even though he is the “bad guy.”

The other story is our story.
We are like college students.
We are analyzing that fairy tale.
And arguing about the interpretation.
Probably as part of some class we are taking.

I claim that the Beast succeeds
in helping Belle overcome her problems
because he sees her clearly.
Specifically, he sees how she is damaged,
not just her good works.

You disagree.
Something about that explanation bothers you.
But you don’t have an alternate theory.

Later on, that evening.
I am thinking about our disagreement.
I see you or find you.
I say: Maybe the right word is “wounded” rather than “damaged.”

You think about it.
You nod.
You say: Yes. Now that makes sense.

You smile.
I realize I love you.
Then I wake up.

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