5/21 Poem: Peaceful See


Hat tip to the Holy See

If we want to set the world free
We all must learn the “peaceful see”

It’s easier just to be blind
To those sins that you and me bind
Or else to use anger and hate
To stop barbarians at the gate

Yet a world under Christ’s sway
Requires we walk a third way
Between both denial and fear
Til every heart to Him draws near

The reason I don’t choose this path
Is I’m still addicted to wrath
To protect my identity
From that which is broken in thee

And only when that ego dies
Can I finally realize
The brokenness I hate in you
Is also a part of me too

Which is why we need the cross
To show both our sins who is boss
And my privilege is to first die
So you can see God’s grace in I

For this the truth I embrace
All I need is to see Thy Face
And everything that’s meant to be
Will flow out of Your Peaceful See

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