11/30 Lyrics: Re-Member Me Lord


Hat tip to Coco

Lord when I fall apart
Re-member me
When pain engulfs my heart
Help me see Thee

For life is still so short
And cursed with ill report
And evil seems to thwart
My noblest effort

Remember me
Gather me in your arms
And set me free
From all these worldly harms

For I am far from whole
And wars within my soul
Feel like a burning coal
That keeps from my goal

So rescue me
And look into my eyes
With Your mercy
And help me realize

That this is not the end
For I am still Your friend
And this world yet will bend
To purposes you mend

So lead me through the dark
Washed clean by my Monarch

For I am not alone
And You will lead me home
As angels round Your throne
Declare I am your own

And I will always be
The child upon Your knee
And through infinity
The stars themselves decree
That you have heard my plea:


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