11/14 Poem: Reunited Hearts (Ode to Inner Healing)


The reason our loves fall apart
Is because sin broke our heart
The pain was just too great to bear
And so must be exiled somewhere

This orphaned fragment of my psyche
Still rattles around deep inside me
Most days I ignore what I’ve lost
But that ignorance comes at a cost

For that part still holds to its role
Connectedness was its first goal
So when I try reaching for you
That ancient pain flares up anew

The scariest part of this mess
Is deceptive forgetfulness
Those triggers too awful to face
My mind will just simply erase

And therefore I never can learn
The secret to stopping the turn
Of cycles of shame and mistrust
That turn early joy into dust

Til Jesus appears on the scene
And shows me just how to get clean
He meets me in my greatest pain
And helps me start over again

The wound that my brain once rejected
Becomes where His love is perfected
As I see the cross pay the price
That I tried to hide with my vice

No longer need I live in fear
Once that part knows Jesus is near
The triggers that made me hate you
Are lies now replaced by what’s true

Your actions I’d come to despise
Are now what helps me realize
Exactly where Christ needs to work
To excise where Satan doth lurk

This brokenness inside of me
Is where Christ will start Jubilee
And when He my freedom secures
My heart becomes ready for yours

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