Poem: EVIL <> LIVE


The reason the universe
Seems poorly designed
Is what we call EVIL
Is LIVE mis-aligned

Every impulse and need
That calls from our flesh
Once had its right place
When earth was made fresh

But when we lost sight
Of God’s loving hand
We twisted our selves
Like snarled rubber bands

The good news of Christ
Is every last strand
Will have its right place
When all goes as planned

Alas! That great journey
With terrors is fraught
For first Christ must cut
The Gordian knot

For what we call “Self”
Is just how we tie
Those tangled desires
To comforting lies

And that’s why we wound
The ones we love dear
From dread what they’ll see
If they draw too near

Only by His blood
Dissolving my “me”
Can I be untangled
By truth that sets free

So that is the hope
I’ve come here to give
Like me, die to self
Forsake EVIL and LIVE!

In the Kingdom of God
The fruit we are made of
Is more important
Than the fruit we grow

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