Sex 302: Wordless Angst


Continued from Sex 301: The Other Guy

Lecher and Ang are playing cards when Earnest the Sinner returns.

Earnest: That looks fun. Can you deal me in?

Ang: No.

Lecher: C’mon, why not?

A. With three people, we must play Preferans.

E. Why do you insist on playing favorites? Are you still upset about what happened?

Ang looks confused. He whispers back and forth with Lecher. Lecher suddenly cracks up and nearly falls on the floor laughing.

E. Fine. I can see I’m not wanted here.

L. No, wait, stop. Ang was talking about a, a card game. A card game named “Preferans.” It is his favorite game, but it requires three people. We, we had been playing Durak since we only had two people. But now that you are here, he, he just wanted to switch games. But you, you thought…

At this point Lecher does fall over.

Earnest sighs and takes a seat the table. Time passes…

E. So, you said you had a message for me?

A. Da.

E. So, what is it?

Ang thinks for a minute.

A. You are not happy.

E. What? That’s it?

Ang nods.

E. So what, is life all about happiness? What about glory? And duty?

L. Wouldn’t you be unhappy if you failed in those areas?

E. That’s not the point. The real issue is…

L. No, the issue is you not listening to Ang. He’s trying to…

Lecher cuts off as Ang drapes a giant red arm around his shoulder.
They whisper back and forth again, while Earnest fumes impatiently.
Finally, Ang straightens up.

A. Perhaps I use wrong word. English not my native language.

E. Ah, yeah. Sorry, I forgot. I guess I overreacted.

A. The reason I come is that something important is wrong. We do not have word for this, which is why they send me. I am big and scary, so they hope you will take message seriously, even without right word.

Earnest just sits there, starting at Ang.

L. C’mon, dude. Don’t you think he deserves a little more respect after coming all this way?

Earnest shakes his head.
Lecher starts to protest, but Earnest holds up his hand.

E. I’m not disagreeing, I’m just coming to grips with what I must do.

Earnest walks over and gives Ang a triple kiss on the cheeks.

E. Thank you for coming all this way.
You are absolutely right.
This is the most important message in our world, and I am sorry I was not willing to receive it.
It is not your fault you did not know the words, because that is my responsibility.

Earnest turns to Lecher.

E. Are you ready for a road trip?

Continued in Sex 303: Yaga Math

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