The Rogue Dialogues: Inner Healing for Leadership


End Notes

The Rogue Dialogues (aka “Diarogues“) are a series of stream-of-consciousness narratives I wrote while alone in my room from July 3-6, 2022, unemployed and quarantined with COVID-19. This was my attempt to make peace with the “part” of me that had an unfortunate history of sabotaging my relationships with authority figures.

I had no intention of creating a series. In fact, I never know what is going to happen in each episode. I just start with two characters, turn them loose in my subconscious, and see what they do. Often I think I’m finished, but then discover there is an unsettled part of me that demands their own character. Other times (as with Adept), one story clearly prefigures who the next needs to be. Even during the Finale, where I soon realized what the title implied, I had no idea how or why we would get there.

Despite [or because of] that, I am pretty happy with how this — and I — turned out. May this inspire and empower you on your own journey!


To “Nicky

The Seven Diarogues

  1. Diarogue 1/7: Rogue, War
  2. Diarogue 2/7: Rogue, Wisdom
  3. Diarogue 3/7: Acolyte, Wisdom
  4. Diarogue 4/7: Adept, Wisdom
  5. Diarogue 5/7: Seer, Wisdom
  6. Diarogue 6/7: Carnus, War
  7. Diarogue Finale 7/7: Wisdom, Rogue

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