Poem: Care More


The easiest strategy
When faced with other’s pain
Is simply to care less
So we won’t be hurt again

The second easiest
Is to give them what they ask
So I don’t own the burden
Of deciding the right task

The narrow way between
Is to wait with tension drawn
At the threshold of His altar
Til comprehension dawns

For only then we see
How heaven draws the line
Whether I am helping others
Or just easing suffering mine

For if His highest purpose
Redeems us by Christ’s cross
Then we must share their sorrow
Yet hasten not it’s loss

For I must love my neighbor
As Christ shows love to me
Denying then reviving
The Self to set me free

The wounding in my spirit
That unforgiveness tears
Blinds me to the option
That His cross I must bear

For only by embracing
The pain I dare not face
Can I be His disciple
And live the life of grace

Come with me to Golgotha
Walk in the path He trod
For if we stare down our nightmares
We’ll see the face of God

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