Hate Right


The Right to Hate requires the Right Hate

Whatever we demonize, we do badly
Because we do it reluctantly
As a last resort
Rather than deliberately
As a spiritual practice

Whatever we idolize
We do worse
Because we treat it
As an immutable god
Versus an improbable tool

So it is with hate
Some cultures glorify hate

Others vilify hate
Focusing on the positive
Suppressing the negative
Excluding the retributive

But hate
Is also
A gift from God

Like all other gifts
It can be abused

But in its proper place
Hate is fuel
For our fury
In the fight
With the foes
Of love

But the greater the Love
The more powerful the Hate
And the tighter control
We must place on the gate

Especially when it comes
To the love of our God
We must focus our hate
Upon our own bod

For we are the ones
Who follow the Christ
Destroying their sins
By paying the price

Evil no longer
Is a thing cast outside
But is cleansed by the blood
That flows from His side

So the only hate now
Is what I have toward
The sin of my flesh
That keeps me from my Lord

And all of those foes
That I once found so dreary
I count now as gifts
In fact, make me cheery!

For they help to reveal
The deep roots of my shame
Where I trust not My Love
And so need someone to blame

So here’s to Right Hate
Let us handle it well
For the fast path to Heaven
Is the one straight through Hell

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