Sub-Division in the Body of Christ


Identity ~> Separation ~> Pain

Sub-merged pain
Is what turns Difference
Into Division

We need Distinction
To think clearly
To live freely
To love dearly

The separation of childbirth
The maturation of adolescence
The termination of death

These are all growing pains
That define us
As individuals

Did these pains not exist
Before the fall?

Or were they merged
In glorious worship?

Is it only our sub-merged pain
That we haven’t faced
Won’t face
Can’t face

That makes us
Naturally harsh
Abruptly defensive
Instinctually violent

Because we use those boundaries
To hide the pain
We dare not face?

What if
We allowed the Cross
To merge that pain
With God’s love?

Allow the scars
To remind us
That all that trauma
Was part of His plan
To show us
How much
He loves us

Those reefs
Become beacons
Not barriers

Not maritime hazards

Instead of “keep away”
Come and see

I am not
Defined by my pain
Though I can be
Described by it

I am Defined
By the pains He took
To make me me
To make me His
To make Him mine

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