Grace Barriers, Reefed


The natural state of God
is Unison
The natural state of humans
is Division

We are divided from God
Each other and ourselves

That is as it should be

God made us as individuals
To think, feel, and choose
From our own unique perspective

Without division
We would be overwhelmed
By His glory
And each others

We cannot exist without separation
But we cannot live with it
Not for long
Not well

The Law
Enables us to live together
Only by creating
And maintaining
Rigid boundaries

That at first
Make us feel safe
But later
Make us feel alone

The Barriers
Meant to protect us
What is killing us

Is the flow
The quantum flux
That turns division
Into Union
Without requiring

The Barriers
Are not gone
But Reefed

We are still
Our individual selves
We still have
Many parts
We will always have
Our unique perspective

But cacophony
Becomes harmony
When the Barriers
To Grace
Are Reefed

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