Pain Ex-Dis-Tracted


In the ancient World
Pain was con-tracted
Squeezed down
By the weight
Of tradition
And hierarchy

In our modern World
Pain is dis-tracted
Squeezed away
Temporarily by

Were united
By fear
Of the Other
Often frustrated
By lack of freedom
But usually happy

Are divided
By worship
Of the Self
Often delighted
By newfound freedom
But usually anxious

Both approaches
Have proud benefits
And hidden costs

In Christ’s Kingdom
Pain is ex-tracted
By the cross

Death of Self
At a time

This approach
Has great cost
But hidden benefit

We discover
True happiness
By embracing
The Other
True freedom
In submission
To Him

The Other
Becomes our brother
The Self
Becomes a shelf
To display
God’s goodness
Not our own

That spirit
Is the essence
Of Christ

That cross
Is the only medicine
That can save
Our World

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