Dream: Border Crossing


It is World War II. Sort of. (They have web forms.)

The old lady is a Jew, as are most of the orphans she cares for.

I am the commando assigned to get them out.

The orphanage is small, rural and in the mountains.
That is why nobody has come for them.

The border is quite close.
And hasn’t been shut down.
But it is still being observed.

I sit down with her to explain the plan.
I cannot help her directly.
But I have made certain arrangements.
This is my final briefing.
The rest is up to her.

The Brief

Einstein taught us that this world is mostly illusion
The only true real thing is will
Or Spirit, if you prefer

The universe only gives us
What we truly and deeply want
The way we demonstrate that
Is by how we engage with the illusion
Through planning, preparation, and execution

That is why you must do this yourself

The plan is simple, but delicate

There is a bus at the convent nearby
You must sneak in and steal it
Here are the keys

You must do it at precisely 3:01 AM
I have arranged a diversion
To give the guards an alibi

Your cover story
Is that you are returning tourists
Here are the fake papers

You must coach the older children
To answer questions correctly
And the younger children
To stay silent

This is their test
This is your collective test

You are one “atman
Each part of you
Must demonstrate
The will to escape
Or none of you will

I know you love the children
And they love you

I have shown my love
By the arrangements I have made

Now it is time
For you to show the universe

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