Dream: Excess Baggage (On Christian Unity)


Oddly enough. I think this Dream is about unity in the Body of Christ.

I had three or four unrelated but equally intense conversations yesterday with people I am close to.
The unifying thread seems to be that everyone desperately wants unity
— but usually on their terms.

In a way that works with our current identity.
Our current frame of reference,
That defines what is possible and impossible.

We don’t really want to die to our Self.
We want other people to get rid of their baggage.
So we don’t have to get rid of ours.

I am at the top of a hill
In a garage of some kind
Perhaps a multi-story parking garage
Overlooking an intersection

I am driving my wife’s SUV
I also have a blue couch 🛋
Resting on a three-wheel trailer
That I am supposed to take somewhere

Maybe I need to take it to work
Maybe I have to go to work
And I need to take it with me
So I can go elsewhere with it
Or someone can come get it

There’s some old men hanging out
At the door of the garage
They’re telling me it is impossible
For the SUV and the couch
To make it through the intersection together
And that I need to take two trips

There is a long ramp down the hill
And only a short level space at the bottom
Right before the stoplight
It can fit either the SUV or the trailer
But not both

I see the difficulty
But can’t accept their solution
I don’t have time for two trips
And with what?
How would I carry the trailer
If I don’t have a car?

Then I realize
They think I should give up
Abandon the couch
But they don’t want to say that

Are they hoping to keep the couch?
Or have they failed before
And don’t want to be shamed by my success?

I know nothing about them.
I can benefit from their perceptions
Without trusting their motives
Even if they think they are sincere
They may not want the same things I want
And that could skew their understanding
Of what is possible and impossible

Angrily, perhaps even rebelliously
I try to stuff the couch in the SUV
It kind of works
The old men watch mutely
Are they impressed
Or still skeptical?

I know I can make it through
The intersection like this
Then what?
Do I leave it somewhere safe
And go back for the trailer?

I remember I have an RV
Somewhere halfway between here and work

I could go there
It would fit the couch easily
But do I really want to drive an RV to work?
Where would I put it?
Is it worth the cost
And the hassle?

Only afterwards

Does it occur to me

I could wait

Either stay back on the ramp

Until the light changes

Or wait at the top

And measure the timings

And leave when I won’t have to stop

Maybe the couch

Is supposed to represent


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