DBJ-2021A-7T TROP Jubilee


Season Finale for Playlist DBJ-2021A-TROP: The Redemption of Peter

THIS is what it looks like for the Body of Christ to teach each other

18:57:26: Hi Joanna!
19:20:11: 3-5 minutes to Read, Reflect and Journal
Read the passage quietly to yourself
Ask God for three insights to share with the group
Write down whatever comes to mind
Prioritize the top three
19:20:18: BL The Calling of Peter: Luke 5:1-11
JD RB Walking on the Water: Matthew 14:22-33
RL Peter Confesses and Rebukes Jesus: Matthew 16:13-28
MK EP Mount of Transfiguration: Matthew 17:1-13
TL JRM Peter Denies Jesus: Luke 22:31-62
EM Jesus Restores Peter: John 21:1-25
19:20:26: Walk through stories in order (no breakout!)
A asks B which passage, and their three insights
B shares those insights with A
A summarizes until B feels heard
A prays for B and us all to receive those truths
B pitches to C, etc, ending with A
Aim to finish by 45 minutes after start time
19:25:01: 1.BL Jesus took the Opportunity (crowd + disciples). Obedience. Fear & Follow.
19:28:39: 2. JD Long Day. Peter Jumps Out/Gets Distracted. Everyone: Son of God
19:33:06: 2. RB a. Fear comes in seeing circumstances vs our ability; not Jesus. b. Sent them all, Waited for Peter to call out. c. Jesus comes when HE thinks we need Him.
19:42:08: 3. RL a. Best and Worst of Peter,. b. We take revelation in OUR direction, not His. C. Love <-> Lose Life: HURTS
19:50:17: 4. MK Listen to Jesus
19:57:47: 5. TL Satan tempts; Jesus steps in. Despair right when Jesus is saving. Ask to take cup; still obeyed.
20:06:44: 6. JRM Peter’s cockiness (fails to pray for protection/follow-through).
20:16:39: 6. EM Why Peter not reply Agape? SERVICE Beyond his understanding.
20:19:25: 1. Brent
2. Janet
3. Robby
4. Ross
5. Mel
6. Tammy
7. Joanna
8. Emiliana
9. Ernie
20:25:12: How were you blessed/transformed through Discipling by Jesus?
Which aspects of the DBJ format most impacted you?
Why might you recommend someone attend the next Season?
20:53:19 From Tammy : I have to go, I have a grandson here to get him to bed.

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