DADS Confrontational Devotion


Dedicated to my Father.


  1. God is in control.
  2. We are absolutely on track for the future He has for us and our loved ones.
  3. How quickly and thoroughly we yield to Him determines how fast and painful it will be to reach that future

ASK Better Questions

a) What in Ernie needs to change?
b) What in me needs to change?

DOCUMENT Listening

  1. Set a time to seek the Holy Spirit for answers
  2. Write down whatever you hear

SHARE Results

  1. Present it to me as “This is what I think I heard,”
  2. Not “This is what I think you should do.”

I’ve noticed this odd phenomena where people who have concerns about me seem to think:

  • The hard part is convincing me that I’m wrong
  • Once I admit that, it will be obvious to me exactly what I need to change
  • Their proposed fix will clearly work

The thing is, I already know that I am wrong. I am a sinner, and I am in continual need of being sanctified.

What I don’t know is precisely where my lack of grace bumps against their lack of grace to cause pain and friction. THAT is what I need to know in order to prioritize what to seek next from God.

So I came up with this framework to help concerned people — whom I believe genuinely see something wrong in me that God wants to fix — communicate their insights to me in a way most likely to help.

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