AECN for Jesus: Jessian Discipleship


Discipling By Jesus aims to become an:

  • Amateur
  • Experiential
  • Curious
  • Network

of people who practice denying themselves, taking up their cross, and follow Jesus.

I was deeply inspired by Jessie (with an ‘e’) Cruickshank and her vision of “unwinding” a couple millennia of bad habits in order to recover authentic discipleship, after it was:

  • Professionalized by Constantine
  • Intellectualized by the Enlightenment
  • Sermonized by Calvin
  • Individualized by Americans

The positive alternative is a discipling movement built around being:

  • Amateur: people fueled by passion, not qualifications; whose career and livelihood is not dependent on their discipleship conforming to institutional norms.
  • Experiential: holistically encountering Jesus through His Word & Spirit, Body & Blood; including our heart, soul & strength, not just our mind.
  • Curious: constantly seeking to ask better questions rather than merely be told the right answers
  • Networked: aggregated into overlapping communities of practice, focused on different locales, problems, and skills

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