Sign Up Now! Experience Discipling by Jesus during Lent 2021


Tickets now available for our inaugural season, starting February 25th/26th

Discipling by Jesus is a novel public co-devotional format, where we help each other learn and demonstrate how to keep growing closer to Jesus, via His Word & Spirit, Body & Blood. We come together online for seven weeks to read, meditate, journal, and respond to how Jesus discipled Peter in the gospels.

Lent has long been a time for lovers of Jesus to practice reflection and repentance in preparation for Easter. The global Body of Christ needs that now more than ever, as we seek to recover from twelve months of unprecedented disruption and heartbreak triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I believe Jesus wants to use this season to bring us back to our first love, by reminding us all just how deeply and transformationally He loves us. To accommodate different timezones, we have two separate sessions:

You can now reserve a spot for either session, with a donation of any amount (US $14 suggested). This includes access to SMS chat groups and a live weekly Zoom class. All classes will also be broadcast live and recorded on YouTube, if you or your friends want to follow along later for free.

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