The Criminal’s Prayer


A hardcore version of The Sinner’s Prayer. From a dream I had on December 26, 2015.

God, I am a f***ing sinner, and I deserve to die.  Save me from myself.  Do whatever you have to do to burn away all the sin in me, so that I can become like you.  I ask this by the blood of Jesus, Amen.

The Dream

Rohan and I are in a hotel room.  I have come here to visit a prisoner I have been ministering to.

I wake up in the middle of the night (or perhaps I am up late).  I look out my window and see the prisoner outside, telling me to meet him at the park. I realize he must have escaped.

I am tempted to just leave Rohan, but he wakes up.  He convinces me to let him stay up and watch television.  I tell him not to let anyone in except me, his mother, or the police.  I may tell him to call the police in an hour if I’m not back (or perhaps just wish I did). Part of my brain is probably telling me that leaving him like this is a horrible idea on many levels.

I go to the park.  The prisoner jumps out from behind a bush and holds a knife to my throat.  He asks what I would say if he told me he had come to kill me and attack my son.

I say I believe he could do that, and possible would do that. But I refuse to believe he wants to do that, but is only doing it because he feels he has no choice.  Then I pray the blood of Jesus as protection over myself and my son.

He hands me the knife and tells me that is a God he can believe in, and asks me to lead him in the sinner’s prayer (above).

Just then we hear police sirens.  He tells me I better leave quickly and get back to my son, or there’ll be a ton of paperwork to fill out. He says he called the police before he came at me, so that way even if he killed me they would capture him before he hurt my son.  I realize then that he wasn’t bluffing when he threatened me.

Then I wake up.

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