“Who is God and What Does He Want?” Preschool Theology, Book I


My goal for this summer is to turn my 36-week Bible study “Growing Church Leaders” into a three-volume series of picture books for my preschoolers.  Here’s my first cut at text for the first one, “Think Biblically”, written one tweet at a time:

  1. God is the One who made everything. He made you for a special purpose. He wants everyone to know how He loves them.
  2. God is three persons: a Father who sends us, Jesus the Son who rescues us, and a Spirit who helps us.
  3. God wants us to love Him and other people as much as we love ourself. Sin is when we disobey God’s good purpose for us.
  4. Sin makes it hard for us to know, want or do what is right. Jesus came to earth, died, and rose again to destroy sin.
  5. Following Jesus means believing He loves us more than we love ourself, which means obeying Him will make us the most happy.
  6. God gives us parents, the Bible, church and His Spirit to show us how to love people and be happy His way.
  7. Jesus went to heaven, but will come back to create and rule a new heaven & earth for all who want to live His way.
  8. Until Jesus returns, our job is to show how wonderful it is to live and love the way God wants.
I’m not sure whether it is worrisome, impressive, or embarrassing that I can fit all of systematic theology into eight short paragraphs…

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