LEAD! Part A – Feedback Form


Even though I’ve started work on Part B, “class 0” is still finishing up Part A. Here’s a few questions I’d like to ask them (and any of you who’ve been following along online 🙂 to help guide future revisions.

  1. What was your favorite lesson? Why?
  2. Which topics do you wish we’d spent more time and detail on?
  3. Did the bible studies seem too long, too short, too inconsistent, or “just right”?
  4. Is there anything we covered that felt unnecessary, irrelevant, or possibly inaccurate?
  5. How often did you do the suggested reading? [Always, Usually, Sometimes, Never]? From which books?
  6. Did the format of “Devotional / Teaching / Discussion / Sharing” work for you? Any suggestions for improving our time together?

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