LEAD! Curriculum Reset for “Theological Foundations”


So, the good news is that our church is gearing up to start LEAD! on September 4th, and already taking applications! That’s also the bad news, since I’ve only finished three classes. 😦

Still, it only takes me about four hours per class, which is two late night waiting-to-feed-Rohan sessions (assuming he behaves), so I should be able to keep up.

The real problem is that my lesson topics have gone in a completely different direction that originally envisioned. More, my pastor has a slightly different vision for how things should fit together. Given the time timeframes, it is essential we get on the same page (and stick to it, if possible).

Here’s my current vision for what is now being called “Theological Foundations”. Hopefully my pastor and I can converge on this syllabus soon (once he’s no longer busy with his new grandson 🙂

[Updated and ratified 8/19 with John Isaacs]

  • A.0 God’s Word: The Authority of Scripture. Psalm 19 & 2 Timothy 3:10-17
  • A.1 God’s Commission: Our Call as Leaders. Psalm 47 & Matthew 28:16-20
  • A.2 God’s Identity: His Name in Relation to Us. Psalm 8 & Exodus 3:1-15
  • A.3 God’s Glory: His Character Made Manifest
  • A.4 Trinitarian Transformation: Conforming to His Image
  • A.5 Father’s Kingdom: His World, Our Dominion
  • A.6 Man’s Rebellion: His Law, Our Sin
  • A.7 Christ’s Salvation: His Pain, Our Gain
  • A.8 Spirit’s Sanctification: His Gifts and Fruit
  • A.9 Soul’s Submission: His Work, Our Destiny
  • A.10 Church’s Organization: His Call, Our Responsibility
  • A.11 History’s Culmination: His Return, Our Reward

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