LEAD! Leadership Enrichment and Development


[Or maybe: Leadership Equipping And Development]

Good news! My pastor bought off on my proposal breaking next year’s Leadership Training into three 12-week semesters, structured as a focused bible study. We are using “LEAD!” as the working title. The initial draft syllabus is below.

The catch is that I am signed up to produce all these (though once we nail down the outline, perhaps I can get others to fill in specific pieces). I suppose I’ll start by just blogging appropriate bible studies and going from there. At least I have until September…


Here is my best attempt at a minimal 12-week course that covers the heart issues of contemporary theology.

  1. Trinitarian Transformationalism: The Divine Plot
  2. The Kingdom of God: What is God’s overall purpose for creation, and for us?
  3. The Depravity of Man: Why aren’t we fulfilling that purpose?
  4. The Fear of the Lord: Where does God’s sovereignty come in?
  5. The Sufficiency of Christ: What difference does Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection make?
  6. The Necessity of Repentance: How do we appropriate that?
  7. The Working of the Spirit: What resources does God provide to help us?
  8. The Authority of Scripture: Why must we trust it?
  9. The Offices of the Church: To whom must we submit? For what?
  10. The Unity of the Body: How can we get along? To what end?
  11. The Redemption of Creation: What in the world is God doing?
  12. The End of History: Where we are ultimately going.


The idea is that each of these steps would be a single “life lesson”, but that together they provide the “full armor of God.”

  1. Crucified Shame: Christ’s death heals our deepest needs and fears.
  2. Holistic Spirituality: the Holy Spirit superintending our heart, soul, mind and strength.
  3. Deep Repentance: confessing and correcting the underlying attitudes and beliefs that thwart God’s will
  4. Reconciled Relationships: replacing anger and bitterness with forgiveness and trust
  5. Authentic Accountability: frequent interactions on serious issues with a few close friends
  6. Submissive Servanthood: honoring our superiors in the way we carry out our ministry
  7. Humble Religiosity: pursuing personal holiness while preventing prideful legalism
  8. Healthy Sexuality: finding wholeness in constructive ways by dealing with the wounds that could destroy us
  9. Harmonious Families: holiness and happiness via respectful marital, parental, and filial relationships
  10. Sound Financials: giving to God and saving for the future
  11. Vocational Integrity: aligning our work and career with God’s larger call on our lives
  12. Sanctifying Sabbath: how genuine rest forces us to prioritize and face painful truths


Here’s my short list (twelve, again) of the key abilities I believe leaders need to cultivate.

  1. Personal Bible Study: Understanding Scripture for ourselves
  2. Warfare Prayer: How to shake the heavens.
  3. The Slow Fast: Emptying ourselves to be filled.
  4. Memorizing the Word: Sharpening the Sword for battle.
  5. Daily Journaling: Tracking God’s activity over time.
  6. Cultivating Spiritual Gifts: For what has God made us?
  7. Failing Courageously: Taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from them.
  8. Good Things in Small Groups: Building missional communities.
  9. Constructive Criticism: ‘Tis as important to receive as to give
  10. Counseling and Discipleship: Helping people reflect God’s glory and grace.
  11. Friendship Evangelism: How to get Jesus into people’s hearts.
  12. Public Speaking: Communicating clearly and concisely.

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