Card: Flower’s Portrait

The following poem is behind the Flower’s Portrait greeting card by Kenneth James Sniecinski, as part of his new electronic store: In God WE Trust <>.

“Flower’s Portrait”
by Kenneth James Sniecinski
written 10/26/2005 @ 12:13:33 – 12:18:47

Stemmed in a glass house
translucent leaves too
and radiating its hues

Before the luxurious backdrop
hang surrounding
in a semicircle
doubling as a sound board
as a videobyte recorded its song
of how
it loves to adorn
anybody’s house or garden
on any occasion
when in a cultivated season

Here it is
Giving off the romantic perfumes
Nectar so LOVING
fills the soul with
Energy and uplifting ideals
and Ideas
not hindered
no longer submitted
to oppression
in the representation
of what’s taken
all purity of a permeating fragrance

So does the flower give
hope and inspiration
to all
who observe
and inhale
its source of
veracious life
in and out of
Flower’s Portrait

Copyright © 2005 Kenneth J. Sniecinski