Card: Anguished Scream

The following poem is behind the Anguished Scream greeting card by Kenneth James Sniecinski, as part of his new electronic store: In God WE Trust <>.

“Anguished Scream”
by Kenneth James Sniecinski
written 11/15/2005

in my naked vulnerability
predacious minds
attacking mine
body and soul
the perniciously mendacious
in jealous envy
of Love

Their wanting
surrendered to wantonness
pleasure seekers delight

Created a demurred plight
a fall to any in
a righteous fight
to Live hearts truth correct
and constant introspection
as to why
I’m a selection
for my repudiation
of such vile
principles & character
rather the lack thereof
in creepish incivility
of pleasure seekers
sadistically cruel

When their fear
is that
the likes of me
shall expose
the evil they are

So their preemptive strike
by malicious LIES
in the making
that no focus
their past
their present
as to why
I’m pained
in this
Anguished Scream

(yet my heart still LARGE
with a passion to LOVE TRUTH)

Copyright © 2005 Kenneth J. Sniecinski