Card: Ghost Love Guide

The following poem is behind the Ghost Love Guide greeting card by Kenneth James Sniecinski, as part of his new electronic store: In God WE Trust <>.

“Ghost Love Guide”
by Kenneth James Sniecinski
written 1/08/2006 @ 18:31:37 — 19:18:14

Keeping hope alive
even though all else died
puot out and down
no familiar sounds

Hardly a friendly face
in this damnation
oppresions place
for me
and how many others

by public “defender” who?
seedy defense lawyer cruel
investigators — not true

All who
given no asessment of facts
impartial or otherwise
case disguies on
mendacious allegations
a guard’s fabrications
for their evil ways

So in any like oppression
when one is not
allowe dto live
no normalcy
primal ability
to reciprocate charity
completely cut off
from friends and family

So we send out
a call here and there
some journey to visit
others are through
who knew
know U or me
not to be
as depicted
in unsubstantiated charges

Exculpatory evidence
hidden in garages

See, hear, or read
from the spirit (we) I’m reduced to

Waiting to live
vindication holding
more than just a name
but what made it
the chance to make a-more
hoping for revival
given successful survival
given to live again
until then — follow

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth J. Sniecinski