Embracing Completeness: A Manifesto

A Completeness Manifesto
(with gratitude to Henri Nouwen, a manifestly wounded healer)
To acknowledge Reality is to embrace external In-Completeness
To acknowledge Humility is to embrace internal In-Completeness

To manifest Character is to embrace internal Completeness
To manifest Community is to embrace external Completeness

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Henri Nouwen’s description of creation as “hospitality” — God making room in Himself for something that is not Himself. In particular, I’ve linked that to the idea of Moses acting as God’s “reason” to temper his “emotion” of anger at Israel. That is, God deliberately limited Himself to allow Moses the privilege of “completing” God — very much the same way friends (and God) do for us. In other words, the radical notion that we can meaningfully be God’s friend almost (if not quite) the same way He can be ours.

Not sure if that’s entirely accurate (or orthodox), but it seems worth meditating upon.