Day 14: We’re Commissioned To Reach Out Together – By Representing Jesus

Point to Ponder: We no longer live, rather Christ live in us.
Verse to Remember: “Whatever you do or say, let it be as a representative of he Lord Jesus.” — Colossians 3:7 (NLT)
Question to Consider: How can you represent Jesus in your world today?
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Today’s devotional meshed very well with another issue I’d been wrestling with today. I’ve been convicted how my communication style — honed through years of academia — doesn’t always leave people feeling blessed, though *I* enjoy it. Thus, the relevance of today’s challenge:

We no longer have the assignment of looking out for own interests. Our job now is to represent the interests of Jesus.

I must admit, I never really understood those people who viewed God as a “cosmic killjoy” — until today when I was confronted by the fact that what I enjoyed doing (intellectual debate) was interfering with God’s purposes — and I had to choose. It didn’t seem fair! Yet, its hard to escape the fact that my behavior was destructive — not just to others, but myself. Ultimately, it comes down to trusting God enough to let Him transform me into someone who will enjoy what IS good, rather than just what FEELS good. And believe that this transformation will make me more myself, not less.

This tied in closely with another challenge in today’s text:

“Do we want to impress nonbelievers, or do we want to influence them?”

I must admit — with shame, not pride — that I am very good at impressing people. However, while that may generate respect, it rarely creates intimacy, and in fact usually hinders it. I need God to radically transform the way I relate to people, that I might draw near to them (and Him), and draw them closer to Jesus.

Prayer: God, I confess that I’ve been wrapped up in my own Kingdom for so long I’ve often mistaken it for yours. Please, free me from the prison of self-fulfillment, where I live by my warped perceptions of what I think will make me happy – though it only makes me feel happy, and that temporarily. God, I want you to transform me into someone who is happy accomplishing your purposes, building your kingdom, and nurturing intimate relationships that communicate vital truths. I want to be totally and truly happy, and not settle for the shallow imitations I’ve lived on all my life. Help me to manifest all of Jesus in my character. Expand my mind, soften my heart, and renew my hope. Teach me to pray in HIS Name. Amen!