Dream: Touchpoint Arena


We are in an enormous, indoor arena.
There must be thousands here.
Perhaps even orders of magnitude more, beyond where I can see.

We are here to play a game.

But we don’t know what it is.

Walls spring up
To group
Or divide us

There’s a couple dozen in our polygonal enclosure
Most seem bewildered by our predicament

The walls start to move
Becoming rectangular
Becoming narrow

The movements of the walls feel random
Yet somehow they seem intelligent enough
Not to squish us
But to maintain a constant area within the enclosure

At least we hope that remains the case

I suddenly realize
The purpose of the game is to tag others out
We have been compressed into a line
So i just go down it, tapping everyone once

Turns out a single tap doesn’t remove them
They quickly realize what is going on
They are really annoyed at me
But can’t do anything
Because there’s no tag-backs

For now

There is a girl

Like Art3mis from Ready Player One
Or Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim

She zips past on roller skates

Like she knows it’s a game
Like she knows she can win
But doesn’t care if she does
Yet still plays with all her heart

She tries to tag me
I dodge just in time

I wonder if I can catch her

Then I wake up

Is that girl… you?
The you God created you to be?

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