5/26 Epic Poem: Unseen Condemn


Then Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are your accusers? Has no one condemned you?”

John 8:10

There must be something in my brainstem
That causes the Unseen Condemn

Like children, in simpler days
Shame only was felt by a gaze
And I felt just fine if I hid
And nobody saw what I did

This actually worked out quite well
(Although ‘twas it’s own kind of hell)
The weight to make sure no one saw
Was how we upheld social Law

And we know that Law is still good
(Though too often misunderstood)
Those truths that once kept us alive
Concealed lies that now block our thrive

Yet there’s still a worse place to go
Now that Good and Evil we know
The shame that I once felt from you
I now receive from myself too

And now I’ve no one left to blame
As being the cause of my shame
The condemnation inside me
Is the sole reason I’m not free

Yet this is my glorious claim
That Christ now calls me by His name
And once I see His loving face
Shame burns away in His embrace

And this is the gospel made flesh
That rewires my brain now afresh
When I see Him see my Unseen
My heart, soul & strength become clean

Today I will see God see me clean

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