Mrs. Jesus: The Complete Series


The Story

  1. Mrs. Jesus #1/7: Blew Monday
  2. Mrs. Jesus #2/7: Two’s Day Out
  3. Mrs. Jesus #3/7: Wed-ness Day
  4. Mrs. Jesus #4/7: Thor’s Hammer Day
  5. Mrs. Jesus #5/7: Wood Friday
  6. Mrs. Jesus, #6/7: Wholly Sad, Her Day
  7. Mrs. Jesus, Finale #7/7: Tree/Son Day

The Backstory

Why I Write

This series was initially inspired by my conversations with Father Cyprian of
New Camaldoli Hermitage. I found the monastic life deeply attractive and nourishing, yet somehow lacking. But I had difficulty explaining why.

When the abbot mentioned that his goal was to be “the Bride of Christ”, something clicked. I had spent the first 60% of my life trying to get married, which I have discovered is very different than being married.

It made me wonder:

  • What if what I want most is to be the Wife of Christ, not just His Bride?
  • What would that even mean?

I don’t know if this story is the answer to that question; but it is certainly an answer.

How I Write

As usual, all these are written stream of consciousness, so I don’t even know how each episode will end — much less where the whole series is going.

I did quickly decide this would be a seven-part series (based on a comment by Jesus near the beginning).

After seeing the tree on Tuesday, I was pretty sure we would end up in the garden — but I thought Mrs. Jesus would end up rejecting the Tree of Knowledge!

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this series was how it got hijacked by a Korean drama my wife and I were watching. Something about those characters resonated with other events in my life, and I realized this series was perfect for exploring those feelings. Even if I needed three layers of indirection to do it!

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