1/2 Poem: For Fit, My Soul


“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self?”‭‭

Luke‬ ‭9‬:‭25

It may seem to you
That I pick a nit
Yet still I must ask
What my soul’s for-fit?

What is the fitness
My soul was made for
That if I fail it
Wounds me to the core?

The obvious answer
(forgive me the quip)
Is my soul‘s sole purpose
Is Relationship

First to my Body
Constructing a whole
From diverse parts
The job of my soul

Next to the World
Of matter and light
I must orient
So I can live right

Third to the Others
With souls of their own
I must harmonize
To stay on my throne

Finally to Self
My soul must relate
Or else I’ll destroy
The first three from hate

So is that then all
Flesh, world, others, me?
Or is there One more
That holds the real key?

What if my soul is
My worst enemy
And if I just serve it
I’ll never be free

Maybe the purpose
My soul was made for
Can only be found
In One I adore

Relationships matter
So I can compete
But only in Worship
Is my soul complete

And for this to work
I must fix my eyes
On Something much bigger
Than these earthly ties

For trusting the seemings
Of this firmament
Means I can’t enjoy them
The way they were meant

There is a hunger
Born deep in my guts
That needs to be sated
No ifs, ands, or buts

A hunger for meaning
True value and worth
That cannot be filled
By those of one birth

And so I must die
To all I hold dear
So that I may live
And love without fear

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