12/12 Poem: Deturn Pain


When we feel a pain
That we did not earn
There’s part of our brain
That begins to burn

The need to pay back
Those who did us wrong
To fill up the lack
Saying we don’t belong

It’s really our honor
That they did erase
And I’ll be a goner
If I don’t save face

But what if instead
Christ wants me to train
A lifted-up head
That won’t return pain?

What if I can see
My Lord on a cross
Who gave unto me
Far more than this loss

What if I feel
Empowered within
Honor that’s real
From conquering sin

What if my face
Sees God on His throne
And knows that by grace
I’m safe as His own

Then all of the pain
This world deigns to give
Becomes sweet refrain
That Christ in me live

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