Dream: Duke Performance


I am at a convention center.
I am running late for booth setup.
I am just wearing underwear.

Duke University is putting on some sort of theatrical performance in the auditorium.
I run into the set they are bringing in.
I try to help.
I mess it up.
They ask me to stop helping.

I end up in the upper right corner of the auditorium.
Looking down on the stage.
It is an awkward angle.
But no obstructions.
Though the wall cuts off part of stage right.

The show has a religious theme.
Though it is a secular conference.
It is tastefully done.
I admire the courage of their convictions.
I wonder if it will be as effective as they hope.
Or are they just doing it for themselves?

I shift seats down to the floor.
I am wearing the traditional layered hat.
But I feel guilty for the way it blocks the people behind me.
But then I can barely see the actors on stage, because of the people in front of me.
Even when they don’t wear hats.

This feels like this is about the church in the world.

I’d rather pursue my professional career.
But feel the church needs my help.
It doesn’t always go well.

When I’m up, I can see clearly.
Albeit with a skewed perspective.
And not completely.

When I’m down, I can’t see anyone at all.
I worry my intellectual pride is getting in the way.
Other’s non-intellectual pride also gets in my way.

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