Sex 304: Autistic License


Continued from Sex 303: Yaga Math

Scene 1: Baba Yaga’s Hut

Earnest the Sinner is still reeling from the revelation that he is not the true Leader of this group.

Earnest: But you’re contradicting yourself! You said we need five persons for the Quest to succeed.
But there’s only four of us: me, you, Lecher and Ang.
Yet now you’re saying our Quest is actually to find the fifth person, who is our true Leader?

Baba Yaga, the beautiful young woman he is talking to, merely smiles a Mona Lisa.

Earnest: But that doesn’t make any sense!

He steps towards her in exasperation, with upraised arms…

Only to be stopped in his tracks by Ang, the giant red-skinned embodiment of anxiety, laying a warning hand on his shoulder.

Lecher, the avatar of debauchery, hurries to intervene.

Lecher: Hey, whoa, slow down everyone. This is way too heavy a conversation to have before breakfast, never mind coffee.

Earnest, suddenly self-conscious, glances around frantically like a cornered mouse, then makes a break for the door.

Lecher notices the questioning glance Ang directs at Baba, and her minute shake telling him to let Earnest go.
Lecher breathes a sigh of relief and goes to sit down.
Then springs bolt upright in a panic.

L. Omigosh! He ran out into a blizzard without a coat or boots. He’s gonna freeze to death.

Without pausing to acknowledge — or even notice, the attempts of the other two to stop him, Lecher grabs two sets of outerwear and dashes out after his… friend?

Scene 2: The Eurasian Steppes

Lecher skids to a halt, dropping his burdens. He doesn’t consciously notice that last night’s blizzard has been replaced by dry grasslands. Or even the giant bird tracks that lead to the yurt.

Instead, his attention is seized by Earnest lying in a fetal position.
Staring blankly into space.
Mumbling “4 not 5, 5 not 4” — over and over again.

L. Dude, are you okay?

Earnest appears not to hear, but does change his mantra.

E. It’s not fair. Not fair. She can’t do that. Not fair…

Lecher kneels down beside him.

L. Dude, snap out of it!

Earnest looks up, but seems to be staring through Lecher rather than at him.

E. Which is it? Is it 4? Or is it 5?

L. Who the hell cares? They’re just numbers!

Earnest falls back, as if Lecher punched him in the solar plexus.

E. No! Don’t say that. They’re the whole point. Numbers don’t lie. They are always the same. You can trust numbers.

L. The whole point of what? Dude. Earnest. Please. You’re really starting to freak me out. Just come back to the hut, and we’ll figure this out together.

Earnest stares at Lecher in horror.
He bolts upright, grabbing the other man’s arms.

E. No! Please! Anything but that. Please don’t make go back there. She knows!

L. Knows what?

At this simple question, something snaps inside Earnest. He collapses into Lecher’s lap, and weeps like a man watching his home burn to the ground, with everyone he loves trapped inside.

When he speaks again, it is the softest of whispers.

E. She knows… what I asked her to make
me forget. What happened here. What I must have done here.

L. What in God’s name are you talking about?

Earnest flinches at the name of God.

He is silent a long time. When he finally speaks, his voice is curiously childlike.

E. I don’t remember the yurt. I don’t remember Baba Yaga. But I remember this place. In fact, I remember it twice.

The pain in his voice makes Lecher stare at him. Understanding dawns.

L. You… you don’t mean…

Earnest nods.

E. Yes. I came here with a man. But then I left. Alone.

Earnest scrunches his face up as if he wants to cry, but no tears come.

E. I… I must’ve come here to kill Leader.

Continued in Sex 305: Game Time

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