Dream: Unboxed


Our church may need to move.

Our family is going to meet the pastor.
Or maybe it was just a Zoom call.
But for some reason
It is during the church service.

The church meets in the upper floor of a large building.
Perhaps a hotel.
We just meet in one smallish room.

Another church is starting to meet there.
They are in a wide, open area of that floor.

They are friendly and non-competitive.
But everyone who visits our church
Will have to walk past them.

Though maybe they meet later than us.
When we get there, we only see three people scattered about.
Older guys, probably white.
Sitting down to create cables or something.

After we finish our business
Or perhaps we are interrupted partway through
There is a commotion with our dogs

We go down
And rush over to our house.

Both dogs are loose.
My older dog Qhuinn is still near or in his crate.
But Frolic the COVID puppy is out running around.

Qhuinn’s door is unlatched.
Perhaps I didn’t secure it properly.
But the whole side of Frolic’s cage
Fell open.

To add to the chaos
Another dog is running around.
A stray.
A small dog.
Perhaps a cockalier puppy.

Maybe I can put her in the crate with Frolic
Until we figure out what to do with her.
But it turns out Frolic
Was using his smaller crate
So they might be cramped.

And anyway,
It needs to be reassembled
Before it will hold her.


This seems to be about our church.
Which is quite small
And just lost two of the five elders
(Who were two of the three pastors)

The new church
Is the church we are meant to become
And perhaps have already started
Or at least begun preparing for

Our family is deeply connected
With this transition.
All four of us.
Even though we think
We are just trying to find someone
To help us with our problems.

The dogs represent
Our unmanaged problems
Or unresolved issues.

The good news
Is that aggressive Qhuinn
Is staying in his place

And the only one running wild
is playful Frolic

The small dog
Is a new problem
Not ours
But similar
A partial version
Of Qhuinn the cocker spaniel

Nobody is willing to own it
Except us

It is not that big of a problem
We could just squeeze it in
To our existing coping mechanisms

But that
Is no longer an option

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