DBJ “AA Edition” — Adjustment/Assignment


[The latest iteration of Discipling by Jesus]

A co-devotional practice for listening to God, Scripture, each other, and your own heart

Growing Closer to Jesus in Relationship | Character | Impact


  1. Spirit: Invite the Holy Spirit to come and lead us
  2. Word: Take turns reading the passage, one paragraph at a time
    1. Reflect for a minute
    2. Journal what you Like | Notice | Wonder about
    3. Take turns sharing
  3. Relationship: Silently ask God for a Question.
    1. Take turns sharing your Question
    2. No answers!
  4. Character: Silently ask God for what “Adjustment” He wants to make in you
    1. Thinking
    2. Doing
    3. Relating
  5. Body: Share Adjustment request 1-on-1
    1. Listener repeats back until Speaker feels heard
    2. Listener prays for Speaker
    3. Swap roles
  6. Impact: Ask God what “Assignment” He may have for you or us
    1. Individually write down what you think you hear
    2. Everyone Shares
    3. Discuss
    4. Pray
  7. Blood: Take Communion together
    1. Reflect on what you Like | Notice | Wonder about today’s session
    2. Discuss next steps

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