Dream: Possum Player


I am attending a weird private school.

My first day
I am given a baby possum
The size of a mouse
Pink and hairless
Not sure
How many others get one

She hangs on my back
I forget about her
I have many strange adventures

At the end of the first week
I am
To discover
She is still there

She is now a foot long.
Still looks pink
And asleep
With a few stubbles of hair

I put her down on a rock
And wash her with a hose

She turns grey and furry
With flashes of pink

The rock
Turns out
To contain several
Large colorful snakes
Like boas and pythons

They start slithering around
She disappears

I fear she is eaten
But she has reattached
To my back

She communicates with me
By pulling on my back
Via some sort
Of narrow tab

I break character
I ask the actress
Who is playing her
Whether I
Am interacting with her enough

Giving her
Enough interaction
To work with

I am not sure
Why I feel bad about this

She is supposed to be
A silent observer
And it is fine
If I forget she is there
Like I did that last week

I want her to notice me
Noticing her

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