Regenerative Grace


The Law is great for scaling
A fundamental insight
But is inherently static and preserving
Not generative.

To avoid breakdown
Is also to resist breakthrough

The desire to not (be seen to) sin
Turns us into liars and hypocrites
Cutting ourselves off
From God
Our Self

It keeps the outer peace
By destroying the inner

Who will deliver us
From this body of death?

We cannot live without the Law
Nor can we live by it

We need Someone
Who sees us as we are
And how we are meant to be
Not what we are supposed to be

And is strong and secure enough
To understand the depths
Of our depravity
And walk us out of it

Rather than condemn us
To save Himself
From the consequences
Of our self-destruction

Who can put
The broken pieces
Of our lives
Back together
Better than before

As a living tree
Instead of a dead scaffold

Who can connect
All of humanity
All of creation
Into a glorious web
Of regeneration

Where even the parts
Without honor
That we Despise

Become the hubs
Of a vast network
Of Redemption

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