Hope Grieves (How to Forgive)


Is a sign of what we value
So much
We dare not capitulate

We reject a “logos
That says this community
Or relationship
Or status quo
Is more important than what we lost

When we envy those
With the power
To impose that logos
To our own hurt

But what if
We are both wrong?

What if
The thing we lost
Was not truly lost
But sent
Into the Father’s keeping?

What if God
Truly cherished
The thing we love
That was taken away

But allowed us to lose it
So we could gain something
Even better

What if our enemy
Who can kill our body
Only strengthens
Our soul

What if
God’s Logos
Is worth it
Is worth everything
Is everything
Will give us everything

Would that give us
Hope enough to grieve
And therefore

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