Dream: Dark Depths


“It is almost like there is a concerted effort

To destroy our communication
By someone who understands our weakness
Better than we do ourselves!”

A friend of ours has disappeared
Along with our greatest treasure
The good news is that we know where
The bad news is that it’s at the bottom of the ocean

None of the rest of us
Can breathe underwater

We organize shifts
To search for the treasure
And our friend

But things keep going wrong
Nothing unusual
Just the usual petty misunderstandings
And minor jealousies
That happen to any group

But they keep happening
All at once
All the time
We never make any real progress

A girl on our team pulls me aside
Into an enclosed room
She is deaf
I know a little sign language

She says we are
Being spied upon
The enemy knows
All our weaknesses

They literally swim in emotions
Manipulation is second nature to them
They are experts
At destroying communities

Their key point of leverage
Is our desire for the treasure
We have to give that up
And focus only on finding our friend

But I can’t tell anyone.
If the enemy realizes
We are on to them
They will take Direct Action

My only chance
Is to share messages
Written in pig Latin

Will anyone believe me?
Will they heed the call
To give up on the Treasure
To value our Friend
Who they think betrayed us?

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