Mary’s Christmas: A Lament


O God, why me?
Why does it have to be me?
Why did you have to choose me?

Now don’t get me wrong
I still mean every word
That I said in my song

You are still my Lord
And I trust Your word
But I never thought
This would turn out so hard

I am just a child
My marriage a game
My spouse says they trust you
But I’m sure feels the same

Surely there’s others
More fit for this task
Eager to brave
Whatever you ask

Others who’ve studied
Your words and your ways
Served at your altar
Long nights and long days

People of power
With wealth and prestige
They’d gladly surrender
To you as their liege

With all those choices
Why come to my door?
Why trust your fate
To one lonely and poor?


This is the only
Place you could come
For only the empty
Have room in their home

The zealous already
Have made up their mind
So full of their vision
They make themselves blind

The scribes and the scholars
Are sure of their truth
They’d rather be dead
Than humbled like Ruth

Those rich in this world
Are slaves to their gold
They only find value
In things bought and sold

Maybe the reason
You come here to live
Is because I know
I have nothing to give

If I thought my own merit
Had earned me your favor
I’d make you my client
Instead of a Savior

So only someone
As broken as me
Could showcase the message
That sets others free

You long to redeem them
Whatever their state
But for now, you are mine
And they’ll just have to wait

“At that time the ruler of Israel will stand and take care of his people with the Lord’s strength and with the power of the name of the Lord his God. The Israelites will live in safety, because his greatness will reach all over the earth.”

Micah‬ ‭5:4‬ ‭NCV

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