Dream: Guidebook


It is our group’s last day in this beach town
We have all packed our bags
And checked out

We are storing our things
In some sort of common room
While we each wait to depart

I realize I have no more obligations
This is the perfect time
To do
Some serious drinking!

I want to find
A bar with a view
Where I can relax
And watch the sea
Drinking fancy tropical drinks
With little umbrellas in them
Until it is my time to leave

I need a guidebook
There seems to be
A little mini store
On one edge
Of the common room

I ask the young lady
Who seems to be in charge
Whether she has a guidebook

She asks
What is it worth to you?
I shrug
Not much
I already have one
But it is buried in my baggage

She points
To a ratty old copy
On a shelf
Near the register

It is clean
And not torn or wrinkled
But the binding is broken
And some pages may be missing

I say one dollar
She says deal

The End

Is this about
the Bible?

Why am I
So alone?

Do I feel entitled
To drink?

Am I really
That disconnected
From all my fellow travelers?
(Cf @joinwisdom)

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