Dream: Swordfighter’s Puzzle


A group of us
Decided to learn sword fighting
Mostly on a whim

But recently
Something happened
That made a couple of us
Take it more seriously

There is a puzzle box
Handed down for generations
There is a caste of Keepers
Who watch over the box
To hand out prizes

The current Keeper
Assigned to our box
Is a ten-year-old boy
Very cheerful and friendly
Except when it is time
To act as our Keeper

We had been starting to get bored
Of listening to our Trainer
But then one of us
Mastered a move
That Unlocked a piece of the puzzle

Our Keeper poured out
A little pile of fine yellowish grains
Gold? Sand?

Whatever it was
Filled us with a new fire
This wasn’t just a recreational pastime
Or even self-defense

This could be the key
To saving everything

Then I woke up

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