My Quest: Incarnating SOC-Awareness


aka The Practice of ImPresence
or How to Escape Enframing

The (hopeful) resolution of lessons learned during my years spent in the Valley of Achor.

  • SOC-awareness: Becoming more Self-aware, Other-aware & Christ-aware
  • ImPresence: being fully present emotionally without reacting to their other-ness (as God does, by default, with the whole universe)
  • Enframing: forcing another’s reality to conform to my self-protecting frame of reference

My Problem

Others justifiably fear
they will lose their selves
if they engage with me
on my terms
because my self-definition
violates cultural norms
central to their identity

My Analysis

Because we are not
consciously aware of this,
my enframing others
generates existential angst
they can only resolve
via emotional cutoff
or attempts to enframe me

My Solution

Becoming sufficiently SOC-aware
to comprehending the grace
we both need
so I can create contexts
to engage with them
on their terms
to grow our SOC-awareness

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