Dream: Techie Mayor CEO


I am at another startup
We have just gotten a new interim CEO
Everyone is skeptical
Especially the Engineers

Because the CEO
is actually the (former?) mayor
Of a nearby town
(Small but with a large population)

Everyone is expecting him
To be a slick extrovert
With no substance
Or Intellectual depth

But if anything
He is the exact opposite
He looks like a college professor
(In fact, he was;
I look it up
He even taught engineering!)

It turns out he became mayor
Not because of ambition
Or ideology
But because there was a vacancy
And the town needed his help

The same reason
He became our CEO

When I realize this
I am overwhelmed
By His love for us

His background makes Him
The perfect candidate
For solving
Our most urgent problems

I really want
to help Him succeed.
I try explaining this
To the others
But they are skeptical
Even dismissive

Their minds are made up
They explain away
Every clever or generous action
They misconstrue
Every decision
They are uncomfortable with
As a personal attack

I am at a loss
We need Him so much
But nobody seems willing
To give Him a chance

I feel like a failure
It feels like my fault
Because how can He succeed
If nobody helps Him?
And aren’t I responsible
If I’m the only one
Who knows He can be trusted?

But when I look to Him
He does not seem upset
Or disappointed
Or even worried

He grins
Like this is all
Part of The Plan
He wants my partnership
But does not need my help

If anything
My frantic worry
Is actually slowing things down
And making it harder on Him

But even that
He does not mind
Even that
Is part of The Plan

In fact
What He most needs
For others to see
Is simply
That I
Trust Him

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