Dream: Construction Boundaries


MIT is being renovated.

I am leading a tour group.
Like I used to do.
We come from the East.
The standalone buildings on that side
Are most functional.

But the large complex in the heart of campus
The Infinite Corridor
Is completely surrounded in yellow tape.

In fact
The large buildings in the center
Are partly demolished.

They look like dorms.
Eg Burton Conner.
But as tall as McCormick.
One red, one yellow.
Except in the heart of campus
Rather than the edge.

With a giant trapezoid cut out.
Most of one wall
And the roof
Simply torn away
With the rest presumably
Also doomed to fall

Why is it stuck in this state
Of disrepair?
Why not simply destroy the whole thing
And start over?

Either they want to salvage
Part of the building
Or it’s components.
They are concerned
A rapid demolition
Would hurt the surrounding buildings.

That must mean
The other buildings are not
Intended for demolition
Even though they are cordoned off
Presumably for safety.

It is during the summer
And perhaps also COVID
So nobody needs to use them

And because the corridors
And basements
Are all interconnected
There is no easy way
To keep people from wandering
Into a danger zone
So it is simpler to
Block everyone
Out of everywhere.

Maybe that is why God
Locks me out
Of certain relationships.

Because He is at work
And I am too enmeshed.
I would get in His way
And slow Him down
Or get needlessly hurt.

I feel sad.
I want to help.
I miss the connection.
I feel angry
That they have shut me out.

I have to trust
That God is at work.

I choose to believe
God is doing this
Because He loves me
And them.

Help my unbelief!

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