DBJ-2021-06-25: Reconciling Reformers


Playlist: Salome’s Honor

Since Easter, I have been trying to work out which grace I most need in order to help myself and those I love grow closer to Jesus (and each other). I keep running into the fact that my greatest conflict is often with passionate people who seemingly want the same thing I want, yet somehow we can’t agree on how to move forward.

While meditating on this, I was drawn to the story of Salome. I must confess I remembered her primarily as the “meddling mother” who wanted her sons James and John to rule alongside Jesus. I was humbled to realize that not only was she one of Jesus’ primary financial supporters, but also followed Him not merely to the cross but all the way to the empty tomb.

I am eager to find out what Jesus might want teach us from her story. Therefore I invite you to register for a special one-off session of Discipling by Jesus at 1:30pm PDT on Friday, June 25th.

Tickets for the interactice Zoom call will be available on eventbrite for $10, and you can bring a friend or spouse for free. The session will also be streamed live and recorded on YouTube, if you aren’t able to participate directly.

Hope to see you there!

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