The Smile on God’s Face


In response to the recent storming of the US Capitol.

I hate it.
I hate You.

Look at You. “All powerful.” “All wise.” “All loving.”

Yeah, right. Have You seen this world?

Worse, have You seen those who dare to call themselves Your people? Your representatives? Your priests?

What kind of God would choose scum like that to bear His name? And not even deign to blast them to hell when they commit unspeakable atrocities in His name?

It’s like You want us to hate you. You paint these beautiful, rosy pictures of Yourself. It sounds so sweet, and loving, and beguiling.

I was a fool for believing those lies. They only made the betrayal hurt that much worse, when hard, cold reality set in.

There is no justice on this earth. Men cloak themselves in pious words to hide the anger and fear in their hearts. They condemn others for trivial sins done in public, while concealing the devastating deeds they do in the dark.

And You just sit there, smiling, as if You haven’t a care in all the world.

I’m sick of it.
I’m sick of You.

Just once, I’d like to wipe that smile off Your face. Yank you off your pristine white throne. Rub your face in the pigsty we call earth. See those royal robes crusted over with filth.

You call yourself the judge of all the earth? Hell, why not let the earth judge you? Why don’t we get to parade you around in chains, while the whole universe gets to see every rape, torture, degradation, and sorrow inflicted on your watch?

Even that wouldn’t be enough. You are still too frickin’ powerful. You can make it all vanish with a snap of your fingers.

So let’s up the ante. Strip you of your powers. Bind you to this hellhole we can Earth. All we need is something strong enough that you can never escape. So you share our shame, grief, and uselessness for all eternity.


Like a cross?

Like a hammer? And nails?

That you made. And gave to us. So we could do this. To you.

So we could see. How You love us.

Oh. THAT is why You are smiling.

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