Lesson 5/6 Courage (Anjali’s Catechism)


Faith: Wise Risk

It would be wonderful if everyone knew how to find real happiness, glory, and relationships by believing in the same God Jesus did.

However, believing in God is not learning a fact, such as:

  • 2 + 2 = 4
  • Grass is green
  • I prefer berry pie to chocolate cake

It is living a value, like:

  • Respecting our guests
  • Loving your mother
  • Trusting my instincts

The best way to learn a new value is from a community that express that value.  A community can be:

  • People (family, friends)
  • Organizations (school, church, job)
  • Places (city, country)

So how can a community express the value of believing in God? By being both:

  • Generous: serving something bigger than ourselves
  • Vulnerable: secure enough to let others see the wounds in our spirit

It is easy to hide our wounds when we only serve ourselves. But when we stretch ourselves to serve others, we feel the pain of our wounds. Godly communities help each other bring those wounds to Jesus for healing.  That is how people learn the value of believing in God, rather than using our crutches.

Baptism is expressing the courage to become part of such a community. Even — especially! — when it hurts.

Are you ready?



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